The inventor of this unique process was raised on a dairy farm just south of Kansas City. Eating large quantities of meat and other products known to be high in saturated fats was not only normal in those days, it was needed to support the high level of activity required to get the farming done.

Low Fat, Heart Healthy Meat & Beef Products

He learned the hard way that his particular chemical makeup did not allow his body to assimilate fat properly. While on an elk hunt in the mountains of Colorado, carrying an 80 lb backpack, he felt an uncomfortable sensation in his chest. Upon returning, his doctors discovered three blockages in his widowmaker artery - all over 95% blocked. Subsequent implantation of stents provided the necessary medical fix, but did not decrease his love for good meat. He was determined to find a way to be able to eat meat yet not compromise his health.

Having also been involved in meat production for many years, he began to experiment with a method of incorporating healthy oil into extremely lean beef. In early 2007 he conducted an experiment that brought him close to something that had the qualities he was looking for: excellent texture, good taste, and the amount of lubricity that was just right for the palate. With just a little tweaking, the second test in late February of 2007 was exactly what he wanted.

Low Fat, Heart Healthy Meat & Beef Products

Working with a local meat processing facility, he was able to successfully conclude manufacturing trials that showed this new process could mass produce a sausage product that was just not bad for you - it was actually good for your health because the majority of the animal fat was removed and replaced with oils that are known to decrease the risk of heart disease.

Thus was born VS Nutrition LLC, a company dedicated to the manufacture of meat products that are considered healthy for the human body. Please try this product and tell everyone you know that loves meat that they no longer have to feel guilty about eating meat products. And stay tuned for more.

The best thing about this sausage is that you donít have to sacrifice flavor to enjoy it as a healthy alternative to fattier meats. I have tried several varieties and found t...
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