An early taste tester commented “…this is going to take America by storm!”

- Larry

The best thing about this sausage is that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor to enjoy it as a healthy alternative to fattier meats. I have tried several varieties and found they taste great. Because the meat is fully cooked, it is a convenient on-the-go snack.

- John

Finally I have discovered a healthy alternative to the sausage I have always enjoyed. Unlike most healthy alternatives which require a period of getting used to, due to the sacrifice of taste and texture, this is simply great sausage. The fact that it is healthy is just a great bonus.

- Tom

I could not believe it when I was asked to try a new product that was supposed to be “good for you”. I was expecting another one of those sawdust tasting things that makes you wonder why you try them, and was ready for a serious critique.
But when I tried the sausage with olive oil, I was amazed. This was some good stuff! And to think, it really contains oil that is what your body needs, instead of the usual loads of fat.

- Rick

Absolutely wonderful. It has a great texture and the flavor is fabulous. Finally, an alternative to those of us who like beef and prefer to eat it over the soy-based-try-to-taste-like beef. The meat is tender, flavorful, free of “bad” fat, and moist. No more stringy, dry, tasteless meat. For the heart healthy individual, it's a product that far surpasses the current choices. A wonderful new product that will allow you a menu choice, called meat!!!

- Karen

I have never tasted such a great clean taste in a ready to eat sausage - ever! And to learn it is healthy for me makes me excited that I can eat this meat product with the good healthy fats that my body deserves.

- Geri
An early taste tester commented “…this is going to take America by storm!”...
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